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Latest Skins Uploads

Hey Fellows_I pooped_vista7 by stramp

Author: stramp

Kryptonite for Rocketdock by Ionstorm_01

Author: Ionstorm_01

Jesus is the reason by jazzilady

Author: jazzilady

Christmas Time by adni18

Author: adni18

SYS TEMP MONITOR (Rainmeter + Speedfan) by d4f_mac

Author: d4f_mac

7bells by killua

Author: killua

Darjah 1 by bizzbr

Author: bizzbr

TaskManager by ~TripleDuce~

Author: ~TripleDuce~

Komunisticka Partija by darjan

Author: darjan

Headed South by mikelly

Author: mikelly

Latest Wallpapers Uploads

Purple by killua

Author: killua

DeZign 544 by sed

Author: sed

Care by farout49

Author: farout49

Hey Fellows_I pooped_wallpak by stramp

Author: stramp

Guru-Wall by preet_hipno

Author: preet_hipno

WoodenTop by MountainHawk

Author: MountainHawk

Latest Photos Uploads

My garden 81 by Alfa30

Author: Alfa30

Beringer Winery by netwolf56

Author: netwolf56

Perspective by etype2

Author: etype2

Camels Row 2 by killua

Author: killua

Tiger by sed

Author: sed

For Renee by FredNunes

Author: FredNunes

Other Uploads

Underwater by killua

Author: killua

Trying Something by sed

Author: sed

Skinbase Screen Shot on iPad 4 by etype2

Author: etype2

Glowing Glass Text Effect by Pakistani

Author: Pakistani

Sanding start by Alfa30

Author: Alfa30

Dark Crusade_Wraith_Logon Studio logon  by stramp

Author: stramp

111 F by Sommerwind

Author: Sommerwind



Written by netwolf56 on 5.June.13 @ 01:41:40, 44117 times read, 2 comment(s) is giving a terabyte of space for free for online photo storage to every user.

Basehead v4.00

Written by Grave on 27.February.13 @ 16:27:10, 63068 times read, 9 comment(s)

We're proud to announce that Basehead site has a new look. After about a few months of writting whole site from the scratch we finally put this photography and art site online.



Under The Spotlight - Xiandi

Written by jimbo9294 on 1.August.12 @ 20:31:27, 56921 times read, 7 comment(s)

This edition of Skinning Community Interviews is special it is the second time I have interviewed this amazing artist and skinner.


Under The Spotlight - DigitalChet

Written by jimbo9294 on 3.July.12 @ 23:59:43, 20830 times read, 9 comment(s)

The Spotlight has always been about interviewing the best in the community, skinners and other artists who have made an impact in the skinning world. This edition of The Spotlight is on such a person.


...and the Winner is

Written by jimbo9294 on 30.June.12 @ 19:02:28, 259179 times read, 30 comment(s)

I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest.

There was a total of 17 entries.
The contest has ended. 


Under The Spotlight - MountainHawk

Written by jimbo9294 on 19.June.12 @ 08:31:54, 52878 times read, 14 comment(s)

Check Out Who Is Next!

He has been around in the community, before skins were known as skins and he creates wild and amazing wallpapers.



Apple's fashion line called The Apple Collection

Written by gRAVE on 18.June.12 @ 08:55:13, 28644 times read, 4 comment(s)

Can you believe that today one of the biggest technology company had their own clothing collection back in the 80's. The collection was called "The Apple Collection".  The Apple Collection a clothing line developed by Apple in 1986 included kids clothes, hats, belts, sweatshirts, polos, shorts and T-shirts.



Eyes on the Earth

Written by gRAVE on 14.June.12 @ 20:46:45, 9363 times read, 3 comment(s)

Travel in time and explore NASA satellite visualization in 3D.

If you would like to see amazing image from space and additional data about the climate of our planet, then you should visit this NASA's new tool. You will need to install and enable Java to use their tools.



Written by jimbo9294 on 11.June.12 @ 05:52:40, 28336 times read, 16 comment(s)

Some of you know that SkinBase has a Facebook page.

And Yeah, we have a contest going on for all members of Skinbase.


WWDC 2012

Written by gRAVE on 10.June.12 @ 14:14:53, 7393 times read, 2 comment(s)

From 11th - 15th June will be in San Francisco Apple's WWDC, which we're all waiting for, to see what Apple will bring to us this time. The rumors are that Apple will refresh most of Mac lineup, introduce new IOS6 and probably next-gen iPhone with 4" and 16:9 ratio display. Next major thing is certanly their new OS X - Mountain Lion.


How Our World Would Look If You Were A Bird

Written by sed on 20.March.14 @ 14:22:45, 213 times read, 0 comment(s)


Opening Ceremony Sochi AND closing!

Written by sed on 9.February.14 @ 01:29:34, 347 times read, 3 comment(s)


Renee'/Jazzilady I Can See Forever

Written by etype2 on 10.January.14 @ 06:49:19, 659 times read, 26 comment(s)

Sad news. Read more ...


Photography and Digital Art Contest

Written by adni18 on 2.January.14 @ 10:05:42, 352 times read, 2 comment(s)





Christmas 2013

Written by etype2 on 15.December.13 @ 09:02:55, 431 times read, 3 comment(s)

Beautiful winter scenes with traditional and contemporary music. Read more ...


International Cat video awards

Written by sed on 10.November.13 @ 20:49:57, 1145 times read, 1 comment(s)

Yep, They did it!!


Latest Forum Activity

Government view of Britain's role in the world unrealistic, says report

MPs and peers describe as extraordinary the National Security Council's failure to discuss implications of eurozone collapseThe government's claim that the rise of new global powers and shifts in the centres of economic activity will in no way reduce Britain's influence in the world is wholly unrealistic, according to a withering report by senior MPs and peers.It says oversight by the National Security Council, which includes the heads of MI5 and MI6, is 'not sufficiently broad and strategic', and sharply criticises ministers for withholding information to avoid proper parliamentary scrutiny.The report, released on Thursday by the joint parliamentary committee on the national security strategy, describes as extraordinary the failure of the council to discuss the implications of the collapse of the eurozone or the possibility of Scottish independence.The criticism is all the more significant since the committee includes a number of former ministers and the former head of MI5, Lady Manningham-Buller.The National Security Council does not appear to have carried out a proper assessment of the extent to which Britain can rely on its allies in future conflicts, says the report. The MPs and peers make clear they are worried that the US is turning its back on Europe to concentrate on defending its interests in Asia.'We call on the government to reflect deeply on the long-term implications of the geographical and functional shifts in US policy that are now taking place. It raises fundamental questions if our pre-eminent defence and security relationship is with an ally who has interests which are increasingly divergent from our own,' the report warns.It adds: 'The government needs to decide if the UK will continue to be as involved in US military action as we have been in the past if the US focuses on Asia-Pacific. If the US is moving towards viewing Europe as a producer rather than a consumer of security&nbsp;… it raises more questions as to what we can expect from the US and what the US expects from the UK.'The committee says it is unacceptable to be told by the prime minister's new national security adviser, Sir Kim Darroch, that it cannot see a paper from the National Security Council's risk assessment.'It is not that we particularly wish to see a cabinet committee paper, but we cannot judge if the priority risks are the right ones without more detailed information about how they were arrived at,' the parliamentary committee says.It continues: 'We fully accept that some parts of [the paper], particularly those relating to terrorism and hostile countries, are sensitive and must remain classified.' But passages covering 'pandemic flu, accidents, flooding, and severe space weather, for example – could probably be published'.The report adds: 'The government's national security strategy simultaneously recognises the rise of new global powers, shifts in the centres of economic activity, and reduced resources in the UK, while at the same time asserting 'no reduction in influence'. This is wholly unrealistic in the medium to long term and the UK needs to plan for a changing, and more partnership-dependent, role in the world.'Chair of the committee, Margaret Beckett MP, said: 'A good strateg

Munch's The Scream sold for $120m

The iconic masterpiece The Scream, by Norwegian expressionist artist Edvard Munch, is sold at auction in New York City for $120m.

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